Thursday, February 22, 2007

More Beautiful Than Flowers

I found something that was so beautiful I bought four of them. The opened field packing case was sitting on the floor in the produce section. This, remember, is not your garden variety grocery store. The cardboard box was almost empty. The side said Chinese Produce. The end had more than two dozen possible contents. The check box for Indian Bitter Melon was checked.

The first image was what was left after Little Miss Smoke discovered that Indian Bitter Melons were rollers. First she bit one to understand exactly what it was. Then she pushed it off the plate then off the counter to the floor. Anything that rolls belongs to her. The image below was taken two days earlier and shows you how really gorgeous they are.

On Wednesday, the twenty first, I was in search of fresh rice noodles with shrimp and green onions. The search was unsuccessful as Chinese New Year was last weekend. All the cold cases were almost empty. The story was the same everywhere: next shipment on Thursday.

Back to bitter melons, I have a punjab cookbook from London dated 1995. The only sensible reference I can find is Bharwein Karele, stuffed bittergourd. The notes say eight to the pound. I had four small ones that cost me 30ยข. I had everything in the pantry except the dried mango powder. Good sense said, beautiful, beautiful, besides the cat likes them. More beautiful than flowers. Art is like that. Almost every artist is also very interested in food. It is a pleasure both to cook and to eat. Images of the cook book follow.

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Susie Monday said...

wow. lovely writing, I was there.

9:09 AM MDT  

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