Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I've Lost a Month of My Life

Just a note to let anyone interested know that I am still alive. Alive minus my gall bladder and my appendix. That's the good news. The other good news is that I am healing and beginning to function.

It's mixed news as my body and mind do not bounce back as readily as they did when I was thirty. We won't even discuss the ravages time has made to me since I was thirty.

I thought you might like to see the one thing I have accomplished in the last month. Before I was completely down I did get the plants purchased for the tropical garden courtyard outside the master bedroom sliding glass door.

This is a fishtail palm. It is really too tender to survive the ravages of the Sonoran Desert. However with the shade in summer and the shelter from frost in the winter I'm hoping I can keep it going.

If you look carefully you can see Lady Alice, from the palace on the flagstone at the base of the planter. The apache cloud stone to the left is a fountain; the water helps cool the space in the summer. Another look at the top of the gatepost will be Little Smoke Cat hoping that one of the birds will, again, come in through the lattice for her entertainment.

That's the news from here. I'll check in now and again as I regain my strength.


Linda said...

"I've Lost a Month of My Life" - or you've claimed the lifespan you are due...

Good to hear that you've recovered enough to let us know where you are up to. That is some surgery you've had - look after yourself.

2:39 PM MDT  
June said...

Hey, Thelma, good to see you back. And your computer must be letting you blog. Hooray! June

10:29 PM MDT  
Jan said...

I've been wondering if you were all right and am glad that you are on the mend. Recovery certainly does go more slowly the older we get. You take care.

9:18 AM MDT  
JulieZS said...

Thelma, I'm so glad you are back and on the mend. Sending you lots of get better soon thoughts.

12:21 PM MDT  
Guyana-Gyal said...

Hello Thelma, I'm sorry to hear you've been ill. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

My computer was down for almost a month! I'm now getting back in the groove.

6:43 AM MDT  
Radish said...

Yes, it's good to have you back. :)

12:26 PM MDT  
kal said...

hey Thelma, it's sion. I just decided to look you up & see what you've been up to (haven't managed to keep up with the list since the small person arrived), only to find you've been unwell. Hope you're up to speed in no time!

11:23 AM MDT  

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