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The Red Shoes

As promised, I finally scanned the linoleum cut, hand pulled, hand colored print of The Red Shoes.



AAAaaaaarrrrrrrggggggg!  The verticals are parallel; the top horizontal is not level.  Such if the nature of hand cut and hand carved printing plates.

See What You Think

The information in my passport documents the fact that I am of an age to do as I please.  Sadly, that age means that I gave up my beloved, red, high heeled pumps about ten years ago; my back and my body rebelled.  Somewhere I have a wonderful picture of those shoes.

I’ve briefly glanced at every digital photo I’ve ever saved.  I have no idea where that picture is.  I do know where to look for a hand pulled relief print made from the photo.  Another day, when I’m working my way through all the prints on hand, I’ll pull it out and scan and post it.

What prompted all this is this:  http://www.gipsydharma.com/pages/giveaways

and this:  https://www.facebook.com/GiPsy.Dharma.Unique.Clothing1531609_535265486570965_584124540_o


Sandy Marcoux turned me on to these boots.  I may be too old to wear them but wear them I will.  I think the red ones in the upper left corner.

New Years Day ~ 2014

Another new year, same old husband, same old life.  rotflol,
expectation is everything!

So what do I expect for this year?  Kittens to delight me.  Travels to expand my mind.

Good books, ditto.  Textiles, print making, art in general to keep me off the streets and out of the bars.

This gives me a way not only to regard the world but to explain it to myself.

Good food to expand my girth.

Mostly, I expect to reconsider the main threads of passion that have
been with me all my life.

These include the cats, the cooking, the reading, the travel,
and the art work.

What remains unclear is how these threads will weave themselves into a new,
unexpected, pleasing pattern for the next decade or two.

Glad Tidings We Bring

It soon will be spring!

And for all of us above the equator, we have passed our darkest days.  Each of you, though you may not realize it, is a light.  A light to me, to yourselves, and to the world.  We continue our tasks, daily though they are; while using this fallow time before the end of the year to assess, evaluate, and review where we have been and where we are going.

My own assessment began well before my scorpio birthday.  It has been, not so much, a process of figuring out who I am as I’m pretty clear on that.  The task has been saying, “OK, these particular threads of my life have survived and thrived through many decades.  What and how am I going to use these threads?  Where will they take me?  Where will I take them?  How do I want to arrange them?

I have always known I would live to be 109.  How do I want to spend the next forty years?


Let me hear from you.  How are you going to spend the next decades?

Did I Mention? Driving in the south of France gives new meaning to going around in circles!

http://www.anglophone-direct.com/An-irreverent-guide-to-French            Do take time to read the article.  I think the man has been reading my mind.



Many thanks for the above image to this website:


Christmas Kittens

Emmaliin and her sister, Ekaterina, at four weeks old.


Siberian Forest Cats have a reputation for being hypoallergenic.  Anecdotally, 80% of people who are allergic to cats can live with a Siberian.  Not only that, Siberians are very much people cats.  They will learn their names.  They will come when called by name.  They will follow you and walk with a harness and a leash if you have the patience to keep enlarging the harness as they grow.  They are loving and attentive and companionable; some people say their temperament is more similar to a dog than to the cats you have known in the past.  I know I personally was surprized; after fifty years with barn cats I found that I had to learn a whole new behavior and discipline.  To say I am partial to the siberians is true and not saying nearly enough.

Siberians grow for five full years to full maturity.  In my experience they do not lose their kittenish charm and busy activity during that time.



Elia, black with brown face boy, four weeks old.



Emelian, black/silver boy,  quite the character; he thinks he weighs a hundred pounds and spits at me accordingly.

These kittens are under evaluation and will be available for visiting from the 21st of December through New Years' Eve.  They can be picked up around Valentines Day or you can arrange for in cabin, escorted, air delivery.

Please contact me for an application and a place on the waiting list.  Also, please contact me for the waiting list for Christmas 2014; those kittens will be old enough to go home for the holidays.


Siberian Forest Kittens


Eight week old siberian forest cat kittens.  Teething on an original sculpture of a meteor entering the earth’s atmosphere.  It is welded and enameled iron, made by Cesar Lopez, a Oaxacan sculptor who lives in the Sonoran Desert of the American Southwest.MINE.9.12.13 OhBoyTrouble9.12.13 MischiefKitty.9.12.13 Teething.A GonnaEatItAll9.12.13 BusyTeething Busy9.12.13 9.12.13

Siberian Forest Cat Kittens